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Northampton Pattern & Design Development Workshop, July-Aug 2016

Over 6 classes, artists developed patterns and colour selections to design artworks for fabric production. The fabrics were amazing and we can't wait to see what they are made into.

Djilpin Arts, Beswick, South Arnhem Land, July 2015

Helen and Peta recently travelled to Beswick, South Arnhem Land, to facilitate a pattern and design workshop. It was 4 days of drawing, painting and designing (and sightseeing guided by locals). 


The artists discovered new ways to develop patterns and designs from their traditional artworks. Their designs referenced stories of food, plants and animals in the region. 


The designs were translated into repeat patterns suitable for digital fabric printing. Mulla Mulla Designs then coordinate the manufacture of their fabric and silk/cotton scarves.

Djilpin Arts 


Contemporary Street Furniture - Wattle Design

Commissioned by the City of Greater Geraldton in conjunction with their Wildflower Tourism Campaign

7 Concrete Ottomans.

Constructed by hand forming an original, taking a mould and then using specialist contemporary concrete forming techniques to mould a yellow concrete shell. 

The design is based on the "Wattle" painting by Helen Ansell. The stencil designs adapted by Peta Riley are used to mask the design to be able to apply a permanent black concrete stain.

Functional artforms.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival - TPFF 2015

Rendezvous Hotel Central

As part of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, Windows of the City competition, Mulla Mulla Designs were selected to collaborate with Rendezvous Central Hotel to dress the hotel window and foyer. 


The concept “Wildflower Rendevous” featured the artwork “A Different Kind of Desert” by Helen Ansell. This artwork featured iconic Australian wildflowers which informed the installations of the foyer. The foyer featured a fabric installation (by Holly Lake), reconstructed banksia pods, banksia upholstery fabric, wildflower cushions lanterns and upholstered chairs.


Both Helen Ansell and Peta Riley, in liaison with hotel management, coordinated the concept development and installed this project.

The window graphic installed by Image Source.

Glass Lane Public Art

Geraldton-based artist Helen Ansell led community members in the first of the Small Wins projects. The artwork that inspired the project is Dinner Camp painted by Spinifex Hill Artist Maggie Green as part of the Before The Town Got Big exhibition. The painting tells the story of the artist’s life growing up at Myroodah Station.

To see more information and images of this project follow the link:


Spinifex Hill Studios

Pattern and design development workshop. To develop a range of scarves with the artists from Spinifex Hills Studio, Port Hedland, WA.

Spinifex Hill Studios - website

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